You can download a free wav editor, or buy one of the best editors available today.


Free Editors:


Audacity is more like an editor for that final mix.



This is more like what you need because it handles multiple audio clips, allowing you to create music..




This is one of the Best, ACID PRO, this is what I use.

This is a good Deal, you get the mic and a basic copy of Pro-tools


With the right editor you can take hip hop back to it’s illegal copyrights days by getting these types of results, what these editors do, is what the early Hip Hop DJ’s did by hand with 2 turn tables and a mixing board, they searched for the sweet spots on any track, they would link the records and then perform a manual loop live like a Rock Star.

Hip Hop was about using all Recorded Music, with 2 turntables the DJ performed like a complete band and the Brothers pick up the Mic, it was on!

or this track as a result, there’s really no limit other than Copyright Law and in most cases you can obtain clearance to use the Samples you created, Sly Stone clips would make him a few million quick, selling clips of his music and individual tracks, like a horn track, or the drum track.

This Track has been Banned from most Music sites due to copyright issues, but I have not made it available for sale, on Sound Cloud I gave it away, it was only a demonstration of skills, and still is!

Sly Stone Mix

This demo shows me that Sly’s individual tracks are very relevant in the audio clip world.




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